Bamboo sunglasses in the UK are currently trending and they’re here to stay. Opinions on this sustainable eyewear vary from person to person but what cannot be disputed is the growing number of advocates who champion these eco products. While bamboo sunglasses primarily serve a niche community of conscious consumers that seek environmentally-friendly fashion accessories more actively, it is always satisfying to see the curious and pleasantly surprised faces of “strangers” who see and analyse them for the first time.

As with any trendy products nowadays you are likely to come across cheap, low quality, replicas on the market from time to time. Imitation is indeed the best form of flattery as the old adage goes, but not all bamboo sunglasses are made the same. Our Panda Original Bamboo Sunglasses and Organic Prescription Frames are handmade using a unique layered propriety design process to produce the highest quality organic eyewear that look good, are long lasting and have a minimal impact on the environment. In addition to this we introduced the Ultra-light Bamboo Sunglasses range for our valued customers to experience the lightest eyewear they’ve ever worn. You will at times forget that you’re wearing them – they’re that light weight! There is no compromise on quality and functionality however, as a pair of these are just as comfortable and highly durable.

To give you extra peace of mind, Wear Panda UK’s bamboo sunglasses come complete with the coveted CE Mark. This is an internationally recognised standard for eyewear that is controlled by the International Standardisation Organisation (ISO) as well the European Standardisation Committee in Europe. Any eyewear that carries the CE mark guarantees the consumer that the minimum safety and performance requirements have been met by the relevant product.

All of our bamboo sunglasses in the UK and worldwide come with a Lifetime Warranty. This is our stamp to say that we firmly believe in quality of our products. When your Pandas eventually do come to end of their natural lifecycle for one reason or another, the frames can very easily be added to a heap of other compostable materials that degrade into compost. Furthermore, our polycarbonate lenses can be recycled meaning there is zero waste.

The “Anti-plastic” along with other similar movements are increasingly making us aware of the harm we’re doing to the environment when we don’t put more thought into our purchasing decisions. Occasionally we are asked “If you use bamboo to make your products then what’s going to be left for the Pandas?” This very modest enquiry really has a knack for unintentionally pulling at our heart strings but it is a genuine question. Once we have regathered ourselves we explain that:

Bamboo is one of the fastest growing types of grass (commonly mistaken as a type of wood) in the world, which makes it sustainable. It very rarely needs to be replanted and once cut, can grow back in just a few years. Pandas are an endangered species and the reference to the fun loving, care-free animals in our company name is intentional. While there are several specific causes that can be pointed to as reasons for their endangerment, we make sure not to exacerbate the problem by following ethical guidelines and environmentally friendly practices.

Look Good. Do Good. Wear Panda.