We’re well aware that when choosing your prescription eyewear there’s more to the decision than the functionality of enhanced vision alone – you also want to feel and look good. That is the world we live in today with all the countless options that are available to us. Here are 7 reasons why you should consider our environmentally-friendly bamboo prescription frames the next time you’re shopping around for some new spectacles.

1. Strength & Durability – Through a unique innovative process that carefully cross-weaves and forges 11 layers of bamboo together, we have proudly developed a one of a kind ‘super bamboo’ that is robust and long lasting. As a result our bamboo prescription frames are 10 times stronger than alternative plastic ones.

2. Ultra-lightweight and Comfortable – Our prescription frames are handmade using premium bamboo that is extremely lightweight, which results in the most comfortable eyewear you have ever worn. In fact they are so light that they float on water, meaning they’ll always find their way back to the surface if accidentally dropped in a vast body of water.

3. Stylish and Trendy – Our prescription frames are high quality, authentic products. The distinctiveness of the bamboo we use is eye-catching and unique. Our Pandas are a conversation starter and a sure-fire way to make you stand out from the crowd. This translates to trendy, stylish eyewear that you will absolutely love to wear.

4. Hypoallergenic – Panda prescription frames are created from natural materials that could be your long awaited answer to allergic reactions related with the plastic and metal composition of most eyewear frames.

5. Unisex and Suits Different Face Shapes – Our glasses are unisex and meet the needs of men and women equally. We have also made sure that our eyewear suits faces of all shapes and sizes. This means that anyone can find the perfect-fitting frame that will be comfortable and flattering. For more info on this read our Sunglasses Fit Guide.

6. Environmentally-friendly – Our prescription frames are produced from sustainably sourced bamboo that is eco-friendly and has a minimal impact on the environment. The fact that bamboo is the fastest growing type of “wood” (it is technically a type of grass that grows naturally in mostly tropical environments) makes it highly sustainable.

7. Gift of Vision – For every pair of environmentally-friendly bamboo prescription frames that we sell, an underprivileged person in a developing country receives a free medical eye exam and a free pair of prescription glasses as well through our Gift of Vision partnership with Optometry Giving Sight. Your purchase gives us the opportunity to change lives, one pair of glasses at a time.

We are in partnership with trusted opticians with over 10 years of experience glazing prescription eyewear. They glaze single vision, bifocal, varifocal and lifestyle digital focus options in addition to many non-prescription alternatives at affordable prices that save you from the exorbitant high street charges. Have a play around with our user-friendly, automated price calculator on any of our RX range of frames to see overall prices before you decide to checkout.

Be Visionary. Wear Panda.