Gift of Education (watches)

At Panda we believe that every person has the right to an education. Unfortunately this is isn’t the case with millions of under-privileged children worldwide lacking this basic need. The effects of this are far-reaching, leading to a recurring cycle of poverty and stagnant economic growth. With every purchase of the Panda watch, we make a small donation to Pencils of Promise, a revolutionary organisation that is bringing education to the less fortunate around the globe. Pencils of Promise are building schools, introducing new programs and bringing together communities all over the world around the common goal of education for all.

Up to 250 million children under the age of 13 cannot read, write or perform basic maths at a reasonable level. Children that are aided by Pencils of Promise generally score 3 times higher than their peers on literacy tests, with 90% of teachers stating that the levels of student engagement rise thanks to the programs introduced by Pencils of Promise.

Pencils of Promise has established 3 main programs that are designed to work seamlessly together and put students in the best possible position to achieve their literacy objectives. These are:

  • Teacher support – ensuring that teachers are trained and supported in a way that maximises the prospect of student success.
  • Building schools – because secure, solid school structures are the primary building blocks for a brighter future.
  • Health and water programs – to ensure that young people are learning about water, sanitation and hygiene for better well-being and to keep them in school.

Why Pencils of Promise?

  • 100% “for-purpose” – by operating with a capitalist mind-set and the benevolence of a charity organisation, Pencils of Promise’s results driven approach ensures that every single donation spent is carefully measured for ROI.
  • 100% direct giving – every penny donated online goes directly into a program that educates more children. Normal operational expenses are covered through private donors and events.
  • 100% success rate – to date, every educational institution that has been inaugurated by Pencils of Promise is fully functional allowing children to learn every day.

Visit Pencils of Promise for more in-depth information on how your donations are being utilised to change the lives of millions through education.