Gift of Vision (sunglasses)

gift of vision

Giving the Gift of Vision begins with you, our valued customers. When you shop with Panda we total up the number of sunglasses (from our Original and Ultra-light ranges) purchased and make a monthly donation to our charity partner that covers the equivalent amount for medical eye exams and prescription glasses.

We are official partners with Optometry Giving Sight, a charity organisation that is on a mission to inhibit impaired vision and blindness because of uncorrected refractive error - which is basically the requirement for an eye examination and a pair of prescription spectacles. With over half a billion people around the globe being either visually impaired or blind due to not having access to these resources, all donations help OGS to finance solutions through supporting initiatives that:

  • Have trained over 14,000 local eye care professionals;
  • Have built nearly 150 vision centres that will safeguard long-term sustainability;
  • Have provided over 7.6 million people in need with eye care services and low cost spectacles.

Since 2007 OGS has donated in excess of £16 million to deliver hundreds of sustainable eye care projects in 40 different countries.

Good vision will enable our children to learn, adults to work and the elderly to maintain their independence.

Visit Optometry Giving Sight for more in-depth information on how your donations are being utilised to change the lives of millions in desperate need of eye care.