There is no doubt about it, wooden sunglasses are the perfect accessory in summertime. They're unique, stylish and sure to make you stand out from the crowd; all while protecting your eyes from damaging UV rays. As sturdy as they are however, wooden sunglasses are not indestructible. Prolonging their life span is easy providing you know how, so take a look at our top tips to keep your beloved fashion accessories in excellent condition for years to come.




When the lenses of your sunglasses get smudged or splashed with ocean water, the first instinct is often to wipe them with the closest t-shirt or towel. This is the first mistake you're making! Leaving the stain is just as bad though. Not only are you cramping your style, you are also significantly reducing the longevity of your glasses by allowing the buildup of dirt.  

Panda Sunglasses
come with a microfiber cloth, which is much less abrasive and more effective at cleaning your lenses than the hem of your sundress. For more stubborn stains, such as a sticky ice cream fingerprint or hard packed sand, it can be tempting to scratch at the impurity with your fingernails. Avoid doing this! A much better and less damaging solution is to gently buff the dirt away with some lukewarm water.




When you're feeling relaxed and carefree after enjoying a day in the sun, it is easy to negligently toss your wooden sunglasses into your bag – a big no-no! Leaving them hanging from your t-shirt – while functional and hip – is another regular occurrence that isn’t such a great idea. It is important to remember that the best way to avoid heartbreak from a momentary slipup that marks the end for your sunnies, is to first place them in a Soft Pouch and then return them  to their Hard Case when you aren't wearing them. This significantly minimizes the risk of breakage or permanent blemishes as a result of any “natural disasters”.




When it’s hot outside, we know that you will be eager to bring down your body temperature by taking a dip in the pool or having a swim in the ocean. This water that you crave has the potential to damage your wooden frames. When submerged in water, wooden sunglasses have been known to deteriorate and in some cases break. The standard counter-measure for this is of course to dry them with a soft fabric as soon as possible.


This is not something you need to worry about when you own a pair of Panda Sunglasses, as they are a lot less susceptible to water damage due to the waterproof coating that is applied to every frame. They are manufactured by weaving 11 layers of sustainably resourced Moso bamboo together to create a stunning product with intricate coloring and patterns. The bamboo is not only aesthetically pleasing, it also makes the glasses incredibly lightweight; so much so, that they float on water. They won't be lost forever on the ocean floor!


Remembering these simple facts is sure to protect and prolong the life of your wooden sunglasses. Or you can just Wear Panda and have less things to worry about!