Allergic reactions to the materials used in manufacturing eyewear and watches vary substantially from one individual to another. There are numerous cases of people reacting badly to allergens such as plastic and metal (often nickel). The symptoms that can develop as a result of these materials coming into contact with your skin include:


·      Bumps or skin rash,

·      Dry patches on the skin resembling a burn,

·      Redness or other changes in skin colour,

·      Itching,

·      And in more extreme cases blistering.


Oftentimes, at least in the beginning, it is difficult to isolate your symptoms to your wearable accessories. If you have any reason to believe you suffer from this problem then you should seek specialist advice to ensure you find out what materials the respective frames or wrist watches you wear are made from.


Two of the more common causes of allergic reactions in fashion accessories are plastic and metal.


Plastic – Many plastic frames are produced using a variety of different materials, making it extremely difficult to determine the specific composition. The nose pads, added for extra comfort are also usually made from plastic or silicone. Tiny as they are, these useful mechanisms can still lead to some sort of skin irritation further to the frames themselves.


Metal – If you generally react to certain types of metal in jewellery, you may need to actively seek out hypoallergenic fashion accessories – more on this below. Even frames and wrist straps that look like silver or gold or are made from stainless steel or titanium can cause allergic reactions. If you have this type of sensitivity, you may need to shop around and try a few different options before identifying the material components that work for you.


Hypoallergenic Eyewear and Watches


Desperate times call for desperate measures and a common, economical way to gain some short-term relief is to apply a coat of nail polish on the part of the frame or strap that makes direct contact with your skin (stock up on that nail polish if you plan on using this handy little trick to make your eyewear or watch temporarily glossy). The polish adds a preventive barrier between the material causing the irritation and your skin, however this is only a temporary measure that will give you a few days at best to come up with a better, more permanent solution.


Shopping for eyeglasses frames and watches that are marked ‘hypoallergenic’ is one of the better ways to avoid any allergic reactions from your fashion accessories. Selection may at times become limited but there are still options available. Panda Sunglasses and Organic Prescription Eyewear are made from sustainably sourced bamboo that ensures a unique aesthetically pleasing look that could be your long-awaited answer to frame allergies. The Connoisseur and Naturalist watches are attractive eco-friendly bamboo timepieces, with beautifully crafted wrist straps and backing that both sexes can look good wearing, and also happen to be hypoallergenic.


*Please note hypoallergenic implies that the likelihood of an allergic response is minimised or reduced by way of containing relatively few or no potentially irritating substances. It does not mean it is completely allergy-proof.


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