Prescription eyewear and non-prescription sunglasses play a significant role in our daily lives. Before you fork out on a pair that is not only functional but also looks and feels good, it is paramount to ensure that you’re making an informed decision. Seeing as these optical accessories are not cheap, we’d like to provide you with some extra information that will give you added piece of mind if you’re considering investing in some organic Panda eyewear.


Bamboo, as well as wooden frames present a new generation of globally conscious consumers with a contemporary, trendy aesthetic. This type of eyewear’s unique minimalist design, synthesized with its sustainability factor has resulted in an ever-growing community of happy customers that are rocking their Pandas proudly!


As the audience has grown, the voices of our valued brand advocates calling for a prescription option in addition to our Original Bamboo Sunglasses and Ultra-light Bamboo Sunglasses range has grown louder. We have ultimately answered that call and are proud to announce that you can now customise your Pandas with prescription or alternative non-prescription lenses through our RX range of frames.


To achieve this, we partnered up with trusted opticians that have more than a decade of experience glazing eyewear, with a 99% satisfaction rating! Their services include glazing single vision, bifocal, varifocal and lifestyle digital focus options further to a wide variety of non-prescription options. In addition to this you have the choice of selecting different lens types, lens colours, lens thickness options and lens coatings – all at an affordable price that is significantly less than high street opticians.

Many opticians are in fact hesitant to glaze bamboo and wooden frames out of fear of breakage. This of course, is understandable when cheap, low quality frames are being used, a concern that needn’t be worried about when you wear Panda. While our frames are extremely lightweight, they are also highly durable because they are made using 11 layers of only the highest quality interwoven bamboo. This ensures superior strength, aesthetically pleasing grain patterning and deeper, richer colouring. All of the above culminates in a sturdy bamboo frame that will not falter under the pressure of fitting new prescription or non-prescription lenses.

Our user-friendly, automated price calculator will let you know the overall price for the different options you select before you begin the checkout process. Just ensure that you have the following information on hand in order to complete checkout:


·      Know what the glasses are for. The 3 options are:

o   Distance/ Everything

o   Intermediate/ VDU

o   Near/ Reading.

·      Have a valid prescription that you can upload on our website or email to us later.

·      Know your PD  value (Pupillary Distance). This is the distance from the centre of one pupil to the centre of the other pupil measured in mm (normal range 52-75mm).


That’s all, it really is that easy!


So if you’re in love with organic, environmentally friendly, non-plastic eyewear that is hypoallergenic but would also like the added flexibility of being able to customise the frames with different prescription or non-prescription lenses then look no further than Wear Panda UK – The Original Bamboo Sunglasses Company!


Be Visionary. Wear Panda.