It’s safe to say that most of us have experienced the Monday morning blues. The music stops playing, the lights come on and just like that the weekend has come to an end. Where has all that time gone? It seems like just a few seconds ago you were stepping into the weekend like an absolute boss, socialising and doing exactly what you wanted to do without a care in the world.

Firstly, there is nothing wrong with you if you experience the Monday blues. It is just the mind’s natural reaction to getting back into a routine after a couple of days of completely unplugging.

In fact, the Monday blues have become so prevalent that they have turned into a global phenomenon of sorts. The meme culture currently taking over social media has popularly made it easier to laugh this very real sense of frustration and helplessness off, while bringing rise to movements such as Motivational Monday.

Feeling entrapped in the prison of the Monday blues doesn’t have to be your life week after week if you can channel your energy to make things better. If you aren’t feeling inspired already the following pointers could be your first steps towards overcoming your Monday woes:

Positive thoughts – sometimes the first step to beating the Monday blues is the thought that maybe, just maybe Monday is going to be okay after all.
Hearty Breakfast – a hearty breakfast may be essential as fuel for the body but can also do wonders for the soul.
Practise altruism – doing something nice for someone has been linked with improved health and a better sense of wellbeing. Good deeds reciprocate ladies and gentlemen.
Have something to look forward to after work – take part in an activity that brings you joy, spend quality time with someone special, make your favourite dinner. Don’t just trudge through Monday with the sole goal of seeing the back of it.

Now go out there and conquer the day! Seeing as Mondays come around 52 times a year, let’s make the best of them. Have a pleasant week Folks!!