Let's have an honest discussion. The aim is to make us all stop and think about our actions for a second and maybe it will even provoke a person or two into taking action.

A lot of the everyday eyewear you will come across is normally complete with frames that are made out of plastic. While plastic is actually a recyclable material (like all that stuff you sometimes throw in the big blue wheelie bins in the UK), it is a global talking point that needs to be addressed and acted upon sooner rather than later. This is due to the major long-term havoc it will continue to wreak on plants, animals and humans if nothing is done. Some of the effects of mass producing plastic products are explained in more detail below:

Pollution – Plastic is a man-made product that is artificially created using different toxic chemicals. This leads to the pollution of air, land, sea and groundwater. Exposure to these poisonous chemicals in our environment is a major cause of the many health issues that plague people all over the globe.

Negatively affects the Ecosystem – When an organism in any part of the food chain becomes poisoned as a result of plastic pollution this causes problems for other ‘life forms’. This is extremely harmful because the world’s ecosystems are interdependent and when they become imbalanced or damaged, many complications will begin to arise.

Expensive – It costs millions of pounds annually to manage plastic waste and even more money to recycle it. This induces a real dilemma. If plastic products are simply burned or discarded in holes in the ground then it saves money but also leads to pollution and negatively affects our ecosystem. The alternative is to recycle the plastic, which is much more expensive and puts an unnecessary strain on the economy but is better for the environment and the species that inhabit it. This begs the question whether many of the ‘unnecessary’ plastic products we produce should just be banned altogether.

This message does not come from a place of higher moral ground. The simple fact of the matter is that we can only tackle this problem if individuals and companies all over the world begin to operate in a way that reduces plastic waste on every level.

At Wear Panda UK we are trying to play our small part through our plastic-free, eco-friendly optical frames! In our land of ethical fashion, you will find your new pair of premium sustainable prescription glasses or eco sunglasses that come with a lifetime warranty. We go above and beyond style and functionality by placing just as much emphasis on the environmental impact of our products, in an industry where this falls way down the list for many companies. We instead centre our efforts around making beautiful handcrafted fashion accessories, including sunglasses and watches using sustainable, recycled, organic and vegan materials. In addition to this, we are big advocates of social responsibility, partnering up with Optometry Giving Sight to provide the Gift of Vision and Pencils of Promise to deliver the Gift of Education to those in need thus helping to create positive social change.