When it comes to eyewear, most brands mass produce styles that more or less fit the majority of people but have developed a habit of unintentionally neglecting those with small, narrow faces. As a result people with petite heads have had to make do with oversized frames that do absolutely nothing to enhance their beautiful facial features.

If you are one of those people that have been left with no option but to shop for your eyewear in the children’s section, we sympathise with you and come bearing good news. At Wear Panda UK, we have developed a unisex bamboo frame especially for you. The length of the temples (the long arms of the frame) is perfectly positioned between eyeglasses for juniors and adult frames, meaning that you won’t end up with unbearably tight fitting frames or ones that are regularly going to slide down your nose only to crash land in all sorts of unsavoury places.

Our Victoria Bamboo Prescription Frames and Victoria Bamboo Sunglasses are tailor made for people with small faces. Our valued brand advocates with small and or narrow faces reached out about never being able to find eyewear that could fit comfortably on their heads due to having miniature facial characteristics. They reported having a particularly hard time preventing the ‘one size fit all’ frames from constantly falling off and further problems with their ears not being able to hold up the glasses whether it be on their faces or on top of their heads.

Regardless of whether you have an oval, round, rectangular/ oblong, heart-shaped or square face shape, if you have a small head, the Victoria style will be an excellent fit. The slim frames with their soft curves exude a subtle confidence without being overpowering, giving off a flawless look on petite faces. The Victoria bamboo prescription glasses and sunglasses are available in black, brown and natural colours, allowing you to choose the ones which best compliment your appearance and personality. The frames themselves are extremely lightweight but durable striking an idyllic balance in terms of comfort and style.

This style aspect must be highlighted because oftentimes nowadays, prescription glasses and sunglasses have the dual functionality as visual aid mechanisms as well as (and sometimes more importantly) fashion accessories – priorities, priorities! In this information age, people are however paying more attention to the importance of properly protecting their eyes from certain types of harmful light and the serious consequences that may arise as a result of failing to maintain general eye health.

The following goes without saying but when looking to purchase prescription glasses and sunglasses for small faces, ensure that:

  1. The width of your face is very close in measurement to the width of the frame.
  2. When you wear the glasses, your eyes are centred in the frames for maximum performance.
  3. The bridge of the frame rests comfortably and securely on your nose.

Ticking all these boxes will result in the most comfortable eyewear you’ve ever owned.

Be Visionary. Wear Panda.