As a results-driven company with an appreciation of the key drivers for profit, our dedication to making a difference in the world should come as no surprise - giving back reciprocates! Wear Panda is not only predicated towards mere good intentions and remembering the less fortunate; we seek to create sustainable systems that will continue to add value long after we have left the scene. This means more than just giving money - it is paramount that we are also helping to solve problems.


Profit and purpose can absolutely go hand-in-hand. Generating more income than you know what to do with is fantastic, but we understand that this well sought after commodity is not a be-all and end-all. It most definitely doesn’t automatically equate to that feeling of contentment that many caught up in the rat race are forever chasing.

As such we are on a quest to enrich society by creating positive social and environmental change. Writing out quarterly cheques to charity will not get the job done. Instead, engaging with causes that can add value to the lives of the less fortunate will be more effective in the long run, while simultaneously uniting employees, customers and communities with the ‘feel good feeling’ that comes with helping others. This mutually beneficial exchange with society is what brings us a real sense of fulfilment and is key to our success. It is the reason our people will passionately carry the Wear Panda story far and wide, reaching places some forms of traditional marketing would not begin to scratch the surface.


We actively work with ‘Optometry Giving Sight’ and ‘Pencils of Promise’ – two organisations that are committed to improving the lives of children and communities all over the world.


Optometry Giving Sight are on a mission to prevent impaired vision and blindness because of refractive errors that are left uncorrected. In many cases a simple eye test and a pair of glasses would resolve the issue but a lack of well-trained eye care professionals and functional vision centres exacerbates the situation. Over 6 million people all over the globe are either blind or visually impaired because they have no access to these basic amenities. For each pair of Panda eyewear our customers buy, the gift of vision is given to someone in need through a donation we make of the equivalent amount for a medical eye exam and prescription glasses to Optometry Giving Sight.


We have also partnered with Pencils of Promise, an organisation that are firm believers in education being the single most powerful tool that can be utilised to change the world. They envision a world where every child can access quality education and as a result are creating, programs, schools and global communities based on the objective of education for all. With every purchase of a Panda watch we donate money to Pencils of Promise and the human right of education is provided to a less fortunate individual, who would not have had the opportunity for tuition otherwise.