The human face comes in all beautiful shapes and sizes. In the same fashion as a well-tailored suit, eyewear should compliment the wearer. The perfect-fitting frames will be comfortable, flattering and more effective at helping to keep the sun out of your eyes, while simultaneously aiding your vision. We’re sure you’ll rock your pair with confidence regardless but if you’re struggling to decide which type of frames would best suit your specific face shape then we hope that our fit guide will nudge you in the right direction.

Oval Face Shape

Those of us that were blessed with oval shaped heads, need not worry too much about specific frame shapes when deciding upon your next purchase. This is because most frames look fantastic on you! Whether you’re going for the sporty, bold, trendy, masculine or elegant look, you’re always winning. Just make sure you don’t go so big on the frames that you drown out your beautifully proportional features. On the other end of the spectrum going too small will not do your face shape the justice it deserves neither, as an oval face is often longer than it is wide.

Sunglasses for oval face shapes: Monroe Brown (Revo), Monroe Black (Revo), Monroe, Carver

Oval Shaped Face sunglasses

Round Face Shape

Round faces are commonly associated with being more smiley and easily approachable, but we digress slightly. Your soft balanced features are well suited to more angular, boxy frames. As this group usually have a shorter face length with a narrower cheek and jaw line, frames with sharper lines would be the pick of the bunch because they draw out and elongate your face.

Sunglasses for round face shapes: Kennedy, Valencia, Monroe Brown (Revo), Monroe Black (Revo), Monroe

round face shape for sunglasses

Rectangle / Oblong Face Shape

Rectangular face shapes sometimes referred to as oblong are longer than they are wide, with a long and straight cheek line. Wider and sometimes oversized glasses with thick frames really suit rectangular faces. The wideness will make your longer face appear shorter and wider – for the perfect contrast to your physical features. Expect to break necks (metaphorically speaking of course) in classic wayfarer frames – you’re most welcome!

Sunglasses for rectangular/ oblong face shapes: Jackson, Monroe Brown (Revo), Monroe Black (Revo), Monroe

round face shape for sunglasses

Heart-Shaped Face

Heart-shaped faces are defined by their broader foreheads and a narrower jaw line. The general rule of thumb is that frames with softer edges work well with face shapes that have stronger angles such as this one. However, we’re also aware that going against the grain can sometimes bring the best results. As such frames that have a larger width at the top than they do at the bottom like the cat eye or sporty frames can work wonders.

Sunglasses for heart-shaped faces: Valencia, Kennedy, Monroe Brown (Revo), Monroe Black (Revo), Monroe

round face shape for sunglasses

Square Face Shape

Square face shapes have a very similar length and width throughout the face. This group are typically categorised as having a broad forehead and similarly a strong jaw line. People with square shaped faces look great in round or oval shaped frames or glasses with rimless edges. These frame shapes help to smoothen out the sharp features that characterise your face for a more balanced look – no out of the box thinking here!

Sunglasses for square face shapes: Hepburn, Victoria

round face shape for sunglasses

Fit Guide By Sunglasses Style


As our highest selling frame, the Monroe has the classic wayfarer shape that compliments most faces and is always in fashion. This unisex frame is recommended for wider, oval, round or heart-shaped faces. 

Oval Shaped Face sunglasses


The Kennedy frame is angular boxy and narrow, ideally suited for a rustic, sharp style. Recommended for smaller faces and narrow, oval or heart head shapes.

round face shape for sunglasses


In ways similar to the Monroe style, the Jackson frame is a classic style with an upper rim that give it a unique look. This unisex frame is recommended for wider or round face shapes.

round face shape for sunglasses


Ooze confidence and dazzle in this extremely fashionable style. It’s timeless rounded frame brings a vintage look to people with square and heart-shaped faces.

round face shape for sunglasses


Suitable for all face shapes and both sexes, this classic aviator frame is striking and assured.

round face shape for sunglasses


The carver is one of our thinner, narrower frames with an athletic look. Recommended for thin, narrow or rectangular/ oblong face shapes.

Oval Shaped Face sunglasses


The Victoria style is our smallest frame with smooth curves that make for a more elegant look. This frame is more suited to the ladies with smaller or square face shapes.

round face shape for sunglasses


This sleek cat eye frame for the ladies known as the Valencia really makes a bold statement. Recommended for most face shapes.

round face shape for sunglasses


With a bold and sporty feel featuring a soft wrap around curve, the Robinsons are for the particularly adventurous and suit most face shapes. 

round face shape for sunglasses


With their delicate round shape that harkens back to the classics, the Hepburn style is a show stopping standout, suited mostly for square and heart face shapes.

round face shape for sunglasses


This retro style for the ladies looks flawless on oval, round and heart-shaped faces. The vintage rounded frame has a touch of cat-eye tenacity, making it ideal for most face shapes.

round face shape for sunglasses